Master Fitness Clinicians

The time for doing what you enjoy, doing what you are good at, is not during an exercise session. Proper exercise has all sorts of nice superficial benefits but where it really counts is as medicine. Taking needed medical treatment is rarely going to be pleasant.

What offsets an honest workout, a workout which challenges all of your weaknesses, is the feeling of empowerment it brings. The side effects of this type of intense medicine are a sense of calm and a good nights sleep.


The fact is just getting out of breath and having a good sweat is not enough. Forcing your foundational weaknesses to change and grow is counterintuitive. It really stings and your brain will try to talk you out of it. You can love the results but you need to battle against aging, stress, genetic traits and old injuries.

Save your love of physicality for your activities, sports and recreation. Make your exercise sessions surgical and invasive. Stay controlled and safe but do not stop a set until cheating would be the only way to continue. Ignore your brains exaggerated alarm reactions and stay settled into your session until you have affected real deep inroads into your abilities.

In a proper exercise session remember intensity is your best defence against weakness. Use it wisely and protect your health.


Andrew and Tierney