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1209 Evans Blvd  Ottawa, Ontario  K1H 7T6


We are Fitness Clinicians™ registered with the IART and dedicated to clinical fitness solutions –

After years of overseeing tens of thousands of individual sessions at (Kingston) we decided to branch out to Ottawa and further develop our skills and services. We wanted to enhance our nutrition, therapeutic and athletic services and devise an all-encompassing proactive approach to wellness.


Tierney an experienced Master Fitness Clinician™ who competes as a natural fitness athlete with such organizations as the IDFA, OPA and various marathon organizations. Additionally, she possesses a complimentary certification as Nutritional Coach with With a background in biochemistry work and study, Tierney has a strong penchant for clinical procedure and exacting healthcare services.

 Andrew an experienced Master Fitness Clinician™ with over a decade of experience and one of very few to have achieved Master Fitness Clinician™ status under IART founder Brian D. Johnston. As well, he has been an active competitive natural fitness athlete with the IDFA over the past 7 years. Academically he was three time IART Fitness Clinician™ of the year and has contributed a large amount of material to the IART works most notable the Zone Training™ trilogy which he co-authored with Brian D. Johnston.







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